A Chance encounter at the Admiratio
Prerequisites : Enrolled in Astrology, Relationship with Alan Driscoll >= 0
Begin Date : Unknown
End Date : Unknown
Days : 3
ModTools Name : Sky Pirates
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

This adventure takes place outside the Academagia and involves Alan Driscoll's quest for treasure.  It requires at least 3 actions and can produce 1615 pims, +1 Fitness/Finesse/Charm, provide the Golem's Jewel, and 6 or so skill step increases.

Stage 1. The market

Phase 1: A meeting in the market

  • Take a guess and fake it
 Automatic: +1 Bluff SS, +1 Stress, Advance to Phase 2

  • "Oh, that's right...Nope.  I have no idea who you are."
 Automatic: +35 Pims, Advance to Phase 2

Phase 2: The Seer

  • All right.  Let's do this!
 Automatic +25 Pims, +1 Conversation ss, Access to Stage 2

  • Interrogation.  Test her.  What are you thinking right now?
 Success: Tempoary boost +1 Negotiate

  • Negotiate.  This sounds shady.  Demand collateral.
 Success: +65 Pims, Access to Stage 2
 Failure: +1 stress, access to Stage 2

Stage 2. Marcus' Plan unfolds

Phase 1: Deciphering the map

  • Filing.  you'll do it, you guess.  Roll vs less than 9
 Success: +1 Dedication SS, +15 Pims, Advance to stage 3
 Failure: Pause Adventure

  • Beguile.  Let him know there's money involved

  Success: +Cartographer's Charm (520 pims), +1 Persuasion
 Failure: +1 Stress, pause Adventure

  • Cartography.  Oh heck no.  You can piece this together yourself.
 Success: +?
 Failure: Pause Adventure

Stage 3. Air Raid!

Phase 1. Air Raid.

  • 1. Observation.  Enemies have weak points right? They always have weak points!  (Roll vs less than 10)
 Success: open option 3.
 Failure: Pause Adventure

  • 2. Tactics.  It's a long way down.  (Roll vs more than 5)
 Success: +1 Running, Advance to phase 2
 Failure: Pause Adventure

  • 3. Competititon.  Aim for its weak spot.  (Roll v at most 6)
 Success: +1 Flawless Timing SS , gain The Golem's Jewel, Advance to stage 2
 Failure: Pause Adventure

Phase 2. Don't Need to Be a Psychic to see Bad Times Comin'

  • 1.Composure.  You've still got your wand and Eden may not even realise that you're a spellcaster.  conjure a wind to carry your tracer to a chest but don't attract attention. Roll =< 8
 Success: +1 Tactics SS, open option 3.
 Failure: Pause Adventure
  • 2. Coordination.  Get Marcus to distract the pirates while you do what you have to do.  Roll vs more than 4?
 Success: +? choose again.
 Failure: Pause Adventure

Phase 3.  Treasure Hunters' Revenge

  • 1.Take time to think about it
 Automatic: Pause Adventure
  • 2. Manipulation.  These guys seem to like deception...Set a trap  Roll vs 10?
 Success: +?
 Failure: Pause Adventure
  • 3. Navigation.  Track them down!  Roll vs more than 8
 Success: +?  advance to phase 4.
 Failure: +1 stress, Pause Adventure

Phase 4.  Treasure Hunters' Revenge

  • 1.The skies will be safer if these guys lose their flying privileges
 Automatic: +1 Intimidation, +1,500 pims, +1 Fitness, conclude adventure.
  • 2. After all this trouble, you're taking all the loot - but you'll leave Eden her ship. Roll vs ?
 Automatic: + 1 Finesse, + 1,500 pims, conclude adventure.
  • 3. Just take the share you'd originally planned on taking.
 Automatic: + 1 Charm, + 750 pims, conclude adventure.

The Golem's Jewel: +1 increase to strength and to the enchant parent skill.  Worth 800 pims.

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