A Dropped Letter
Prerequisites : None
Begin Date : Unknown
End Date : Unknown
Days : 1
ModTools Name : Underground Market Adventure
Roll Levels : 2-11 (but can be avoided with enough Pims)
Automatic Benefits : The Goblin Markets
Possible Benefits : Regal Shirt (Item), Regal Trousers (Item), Stunberries (Item), Goblin Mirror (Item)

An adventure with a student from a different year in which you can discover a goblin market and gain multiple skill-ups and a goblin mirror.  The whole adventure can be done in a single action by the skilled adventurer or even a beginner with some (about 160) pims to spare.

Stage 1. A letter for Louisa

  • 1. Throw it away. Doesn't seem important enough.
 Automatic:  Expand Birds +1, Expand Character -1, add & inform Dove, end adventure.
Success:  Expand Interrogation +1 SS, advance to phase 2.
Failure:  Expand Stress +1

Phase 2. A Little Hint

  • 1. Well, you've done your bit. Just leave her alone.
Automatic:  Expand Social Skills +1 SS, end adventure.
  • 2. Espionage vs 3. Pretend to leave her alone, then try to follow her to the library.
Success:  Expand Hide +1, advance to Phase 3a
Failure:  Relationship with Llarina de Avuel +1, end adventure.
  • 3. Persuasion vs 4. Convince her to let you come with her to the library
Success:  Expand Debate +1 SS, advance to Phase 3b
Failure:  Expand Persuasion +1 SS, Composure -1 SS

Phase 3a. Into the Forest

  • 1. Give up and go back to the school.
Automatic: Expand Danger Sense +1 SS, end adventure.
  • 2. Shout out her name.
Automatic:  Expand Poisons +1, advance to Phase 4

Phase 3b. Solving the Mystery Note

All 3b option results advance to Phase 4

  • 1. You can probably get some from the Academy infirmary...if you're hurt.
Automatic:  Expand Willpower +1 SS, Expand Vitality -1
  • 2. Botany vs 4. Search the Imperial Reserve near the school.
Success:  Expand Poisons +1 SS, Expand Observation +1 SS
Failure:  Expand Poisons +1 SS, Expand Stress +1
  • 3. Research vs 6. With the right Phemes, you might be able to Revise simple blueberries into stunberries.
Success:  Expand Elumian +1 SS, inform Stun
Failure:  Expand Library Knowledge +1 SS, Expand Stress +1

Phase 4. Moretti's Potion Shop

  • 1. Ask Morretti about Stunberries.
Automatic:  Expand Curiosity +1 SS, advance to phase 5
  • 2. Just wash your hands of this whole business and sell the stunberries
Automatic:  Expand Negotiate +1 SS, +10 Pims, end adventure.

Phase 5.  Walk to Gallo's mansion

  • 1. There's no reason you have to go to the mansion immediately.
Automatic:  Expand Patience +1 SS, pause adventure.
  • 2. Return the key to Monetti and wash your hands of this adventure
Automatic:  Expand Character +1 SS, gain 10 Pims, end adventure.
  • 3. Passion vs 8 - Convince her to keep going.
Success:  Expand Leadership +1 SS, advance to phase 6.
Failure:  Expand Awareness +1, Expand Stress +1, pause adventure.

Phase 6.  Infiltrating the party

  • 1. Spend 150 pims on decent clothes and walk in as though you belong.
Automatic: add & inform Regal Shirt & Regal Trousers, lose 150 Pims, advance to phase 7.
Success:  Expand Composure +1 SS, advance to phase 7.
Failure:  Expand Stress +1 SS
  • 3. With your family connections, you can really just walk in.

(Only if your background is Nobility, Wealthy, and(or?) Descended from Royalty)

Automatic:  Expand Etiquette +1 SS, advance to phase 7?

Phase 7. Swiping the painting

Success:  Temporarily increase Hide +2, choose again
Failure:  no effect, choose again
  • 2. Start a fire.
Automatic: Expand Ethics -1 SS, Expand Manipulation +1 SS, ?
  • 3. Hide vs 7. Get out of sight and wait until everyone leaves the party.
Success:  Expand Patience +1 SS, Expand Strategy +1 SS, advance to phase 8.
Failure:  Expand Confidence -1 SS, +10 Pims, end adventure.

Phase 8. Playing Bassetta

  • 1. Leave it to Louisa.
Automatic:  -10 Pims, advance to phase 9.
Success: Expand Character Study +1 SS, Expand Command +1 SS, advance to phase 9.
Failure: Expand Schoolyard Education +1 SS, Expand Stress +1, end adventure.

Phase 9.  The U.B.M.

  • 1. Well, now that you know the location...
Automatic:  add & inform Stunberries, advance to phase 10.
  • 2. Go with the last Stunberries.
Automatic:  no changes, advance to phase 10.
  • 3. Try a 50 pim bribe.
Automatic:  Expand Negotiate +1 SS, -50 Pims, add & inform Stunberries,
              end Adventure

Phase 10.  The Goblin Mirror of Glamour from the Old Kingdoms

  • 1. Try offering the Stunberries for the mirror.
Automatic:  Expand Negotiate +1 SS, remove Stunberries, add & inform Goblin Mirror, inform The Goblin Markets, end Adventure
  • 2. Try to buy it outright.
Automatic:  Expand Negotiate +1 SS, -100 Pims, add & inform Goblin Mirror, inform The Goblin Markets, end Adventure
  • 3. Just try to sell the Stunberries.
Automatic:  Expand Negotiate +1 SS, gain 125 Pims, remove Stunberries, inform The Goblin Markets, end Adventure
  • 4. Come back another time.
Automatic:  Expand Patience +1 SS, inform The Goblin Markets
You can come back another day and choose option 1, 2 or 3
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