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A Formal Invitation
Prerequisites : College Hedi
Begin Date : Unknown
End Date : Unknown
Days : Unknown
ModTools Name : Court of Grace
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

The adventure takes at least 6 sessions; success includes multiple skill-ups, impressing Professor Piaxenza, and on every even-numbered Stage, a point of either Insight or Charm.

Stage 1: A Formal Invitation[]

  • Accept the invite.   You're curious to see what this "Court of Grace" is all about.
 Automatic:  expand Etiquette +1 SS, access Stage 2
  • Decline.  Judging seems like too much extra work.
 Automatic:  expand Etiquette +1 SS, end Adventure

Stage 2: A Lover's Spat[]

Phase 1:  Anthonius's Offer[]

  • You'd best not involve yourself in this.  After all, you're his judge!
Automatic:  expand Ethics +1 SS, go to Phase 2a
  • Sure, why not?  You've got time to kill before the trial.
Automatic:  +10 pims, go to Phase 2b

Phase 2a:  Tejas Trueblood[]

  • This old man is boring you.  And now he's being weird.  You'd better leave.
 Automatic:  ?, end Adventure
  • What the heck is he talking about?  Tell him he's mistaken.
 Automatic:  expand Awareness +1 SS, +1 Stress, go to Phase 3
  • Lie.  Pretend that you have something for him.  (roll v. ~4)
  Success:  expand Deceit +1 SS, go to Phase 3
 Failure:  ?

Phase 2b: Tejas Trueblood[]

  • This whole thing is more boring than you'd hoped.  Toss the man his pouch and leave.
 Automatic:  ?
  • Give him the yellow pouch.  (roll v. ?)
 Automatic:  expand Character +1 SS, expand Curiosity -1 SS, go to Phase 3
  • Diplomacy.  Ask him what's in the pouch.  (roll v. ~3)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?

Phase 3: The Court of Grace[]

  • A break actually sounds nice.  Put it off until later.
Automatic:  pause Adventure?
  • Everyone's already here.  Might as well follow through.
Automatic:  go to Phase 4

Phase 4: Betrayal[]

  • Ask Claire if she's lying about the woman.
Automatic:  expand Awareness +1 SS, Relationship with Finus Piaxenza +1, go to Phase 5
  • Character Study.  Ask Anthonius about his relationship with Claire.  (roll v. ~4)
 Success:  expand Character Study +1 SS, Relationship with Finus Piaxenza +1, go to Phase 5
 Failure:  ?
  • Social Skills.  Ask Anthonius about the blond woman.  (roll v. ~4)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?

Phase 5: Dream Land[]

  • This might be uncomfortable for Claire and Anthonius.  Vote against it.
Automatic:  go to Phase 6
  • You want some realm answers!  Vote to conjure the reenactment.
Automatic:  go to Phase 6

Phase 6: The Other Woman[]

  • Anthonius pulled a foolish trick, but you understand his intentions.  Persuade Claire to give him another chance.
Automatic:  expand Charm +1, expand Romance +1 SL, conclude Adventure
  • Anthonius is guilty of deception.  The relationship should be ended, but perhaps a cordial friendship could be maintained.
Automatic:  expand Insight +1, expand Romance +1 SL, conclude Adventure

^^does "conclude Adventure" make any sense in either case? are Stages 3, 4, 5 and 6 only reached through an earlier Phase of Stage 2? or was "conclude Adventure" here supposed to be "access Stage 3"?

Stage 3: Another Round as Innocence[]

Phase 1: A Familiar Face[]

  • Stay mum.
 Automatic:  ?
  • Recuse yourself.  You don't think it's morally correct for a judge to sit on the panel if they know one of the participants in a case.
 Automatic:  ?
  • Character.  You have great respect for the Court of Grace and do not want to jeopardize any of its rulings, so you decide it is best to alert Professor Piaxenda of your contact with the plaintiff.  (roll v. ≤  5?)
 Success:  expand Ethics +1 SS, Relationship with Finus Piaxenza +1, go to Phase 3 (not 2)
 Failure:  +1 Stress, go to Phase 2

Phase 2: Facing the Music[]

  • Composure.  Tell the truth. (Roll v. ≤  ?)
 Success:  +1 Stress, expand Civil Law +1 SS, go to Phase 3
 Failure:  ?

Phase 3: Questions, Questions[]

  • Recuse yourself.  you don't want to be the one to tell this poor guy all of his time and energy was wasted, so you recuse yourself from his case.
 Automatic:  ?
 Success:  expand Interrogation +1 SS, go to Phase 4
 Failure:  -1 Awareness SS, go to Phase 4
  • Temperance.  Question Darwin.  You find it curious that Darwin would need a prepared statement if he was telling the truth so you decide to ask him why he brought it.  (roll v. 5?)
 Success:  expand Character Study +1 SS, -2 Stress, go to Phase 4
 Failure:  +1 Stress, expand Interrogation +1 SS, choose again

Phase 4: Finding the Truth[]

  • Theory of Glamour.  Hypnotising the men can settle things in a hurry.  You just need to convince the judges.  (roll v. ≤5)
 Success:  expand Temperance & Composure +1 SS each, Relationship with Finus Piaxenza +5, ?
 Failure:  ?
  • Passion.  A spell contest!  You will ask that they each chose an inanimate object in the room and make it dance. (roll v. 6)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  -1 Persuasion SS, pause Adventure

Stage 4: Discretion[]

  • Wit.  Be vague.  If you must tell them something, tell them how the court works.  It's public information!  (roll v. 6)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?
  • Diplomacy.  You decide the best way to avoid saying something you're not supposed to is to say nothing at all.  (roll v. 6)
 Success:  expand Bluff +1 SS, go to Stage 5
 Failure:  ?

Stage 5: The Perils of Papa Marchant[]

  • Just give him your best sneer and take the beating.
 Automatic: ?
  • Temperance.  Be vague, but give him the best guidance you can.  (roll v. ≤13)
 Success:  Relationship with Philippe Marchant +2, access Stage 6
 Failure:  ?
  • Negation Methods.  Freeze him.  You're convinced there is nothing you can tell Philippe that will help or even satisfy him enough to let you go, so you decide to freeze him and run away. (roll v. ≤11)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?

Stage 6: Pressure Cooker[]

  • Passion.  Make a few public statements out of everything you can reasonably say about the Court, and then unilaterally declare the matter settled.  (roll v. ≤14)
 Success:  expand Confidence +1 SL, expand Charm +1, conclude Adventure
 Failure:  ?
  • Diplomacy.  Talk to  Professor Piaxenza.  You think that if an announcement is made on behalf of all Innocents that they are not to be asked questions about the Court of Grace, some of the pressure will be lifted.  (roll v. ≤11)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?