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A Giant Dandelion[]

You're at some kind of special seminar on magical ethics - anyone could've guessed that that would lead to trouble.

How, why, and when, is not completely known. But before anyone...


1. Get a professor.

Automatic: ?

2. Flowers vs 6 - Hm - what kind of dandelion is it?

Success: Temporarily increase Athletics and Botany by 1, choose another option.
Failure: No effect, select another option.

3. Negation vs 8 at most - Reverse the spell.

Success: Negation Methods +1 SS
Failure: ?

4. Athletics vs 5 at most - Burn it! Burn it! Burn it!

Success: ?
Failure: ?

5. Botany vs 4 - Giant dandelions should be pacified. Water it.

Success: Merit +1, Flowers +1 SS
Failure: ?