This is a series of lores found in the game

A Guide to Your Every Action, by Mistress Howg

Part I

“There is a proper way to do everything, and if you do not know it you are probably some manner of slob. Worry not, however, fair reader, for this tome shall right your wrongs and teach you to be a proper person in your very movement. This book shall start at the beginning -- basic breathing etiquette -- and then move on to more complex forms of etiquette like late afternoon dining. I’ve written this book so you do not embarrass yourself further. No need to thank me.”

Part II

“Breathing, being a mostly voluntary action, is hampered by involuntary breathing. The trick is to always be aware of your breathing function. Make sure to breathe in short bursts and not in those vulgar deep breaths people tend to find themselves making. There’s no need to take up all the air just for yourself! Nobody likes a greedy person.”

Part III

“Rather than eat, I believe a sophisticated person would do better not to eat. It’s just a better idea.”

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