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This is a series of lores found in the game.

A Hystorie of Palace Administration[]

Part I

"The son of Illus, Tralos, began working with his father as soon as he was able to use a quill. Together, Illus and Tralos came up with the idea for stamps from signet seals. They realized that a seal could have ink applied to leave a mark rather than leaving an impression in wax. When Tralos became Head Scribe after his father’s death he expanded their idea of a stamp into carved blocks that could create whole sheets for Emperor Exartis."

Part II

"To disseminate information to the people the Emperor Exartis used a system of having important notices (produced through stamped sheets) posted in public gathering places. Each message carried artwork because many citizens could not read them, and they were able to discern if those thay paid for the service performed accurately. Some of the poorest citizens became so frustrated that they began drawing unseemly responses to the artwork in areas where they frequented, such as the exterior walls of pubs, taverns and gambling houses. The practice of posting notices later became known as publishing."

Part III

"Emperor Exartis realized that he was unsuccessful in giving the public reports through publishing, so he ordered Tralos to “use any media necessary to make the public aware of the information.” Tralos came up with a system to have the bulletins read publicly before theatre performances and other events. Theatre goers disliked the interruptions and began to throw items at these “media.” While many were dissuaded by the pelting, one of these media, named Vinzin Ramdler, enjoyed the attention so much that he often commented on the produce. Today media has become an insult used for someone who interrupts entertainment."

Part IV

"In those times, the Imperial Palace guards had a large bell which hung from a belfry atop the palace armory. It happened one day that on the last stroke of the 10pm toll, the bell shattered. The captain was tired and intended to sleep, so he told four armory guards that they could not retire until a new bell had been found. He also told him that they had until 6am to find a new bell, else the shift could not change.

The four began asking every blacksmith in town, including the armorer, to make a replacement bell. The earliest one could be obtained from any smith was 4 days. Desperate, they began searching the palace grounds for anything they could use to signal the next shift. They agreed to meet back in the armory bell tower at moonrise to share their findings.

The first arrived holding a tent mallet, the second was carrying a lumpy old sock, the third had a chicken tucked under his arm, and the fourth appeared to be empty-handed. They each explained their ideas to the others in the order they arrived.  The eldest explained that he’d spent the night searching the armory. “As I was searching, I thought of the sound a helmet struck in battle makes, and I recovered this mallet from our supplies.” The others inquired what a helmet struck during battle sounded like, as they had not yet seen conflict. Whereupon the portly guard struck his helm with the mallet before removing it from his head, and slouched to the floor. The others agreed that the sound was sufficient but the method appeared to be uncomfortable.

The best spoken told them that he had asked a serving girl that he was acquainted with for ideas. She has told him “in the palace there are many bells, with which the nobles summon help.” He had requested her help to obtain one, and waited while she went to fetch it. She returned, and cautioned him not to leave fingerprints on the silver. He agreed, and pulled a tiny silver bell that made a beautiful tinkling sound from within his sock The others agreed that he had in fact found a bell, but were skeptical of the bells ability to wake the next shift. 

The thinnest soldier showed them the “rooster” he had caught in the farm yard. The others asked him why he thought a chicken would ring. He responded “this is a rooster, and roosters always crow in the morning” upon which the frightened chicken dropped an egg. The others decided that a chicken would not signal sift change but would provide wonderful eggs for breakfast.

The youngest soldier who had appeared empty-handed began to speak. “I looked through out the palace grounds until I came upon the kitchens. Hungry, I entered to see if there was anything remaining from the evening meal, when I beheld a pot so big I could have bathed in it. I realized it would be too heavy for me to carry alone and returned here to seek assistance” The others quickly decided that the pot could have merit and they all went to the kitchen.

When they espied the pot they knew it would be a perfect bell, and as they began to carry it to the belfry the thin one grabbed a large wooden spoon to serve as a clapper. They hung the pot in the bell tower with the spoon as a clapper inside it, and settled to wait for 6 am.

At 4 in the morning the bleary-eyed cook came into the kitchen to begin the mornings baking. She was completely unaware that anything was amiss until another cook arrived at half-past 5 and she began searching for the large spoon she often carried as a scepter for directing the kitchen’s staff. As her frustration grew, she also noticed the missing pot. Just then a CLANG was heard through out the palace. “My pot” she cried and raced toward the tower. The resulting aftermath led to the keeping of tallies in the palace."