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This is a series of lores found in the game.

A Meeting with Professor Vickery[]

Part I

“Why it's a circle usually about 10 to 15 feet in diameter. The duelers start in the middle then pace to the edge. They then execute the demi-tour. As you can see we spend a lot of time working on these circles.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “What is the dueling circle?“

Part II

“After a duel we comb them out, spread new wood chips if needed and repair any damage to the edge. I tend to edge circles in bright floral arrangements with evergreens to complement them in the winter.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “What do you have to do with dueling circles?“

Part III

“While it is a great concern, only a sloppy duelist will break the circle. We have kindly created separate breaks in the flora for the entrance of each participant. Besides, I like flowers. It adds some thing. Mostly these are for show…we don't encourage regular dueling at the Academagica.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “Why flowers? Aren't you afraid of duelists stepping on them?“

Part IV

“I try to choose complimentary colors. Here I've planted some lovely purples with a few junipers. That should pop nicely in the spring and summer, but still hold up over winter. Juniper is good for warning the neglectful duelist away from the edge with having them step on the plants.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “How do you coordinate your arrangements around the circles?“

Part V

“Oh, nettles are nice. Any variety of evergreen bush, roses, black berries, or anything with a nice thorn. It has to stand up to colder climes and spells.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “What else do you use to warn away neglectful duelists?“

Part VI

“Why yes. A few years ago we had a student duel here. The unlucky man was hit with a color wheel and fell backwards out of the circle. The poor bramble thicket I had planted was crush, but they bit him good in return. He jumped up and ran through the rest of the bramble completely tearing his hose. I had to fine him for destroying the brambles of course.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “Has this ever backfired?“

Part VII

“Oh yes. If you look down the hill I managed to covert some old dueling circles in to pond accents, sitting circles and one or two hedge mazes. I try to convert at lest one a year. As I said we don't encourage dueling here at the Academagica so it is best if transform these things as we find them on the grounds.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “Have you ever tried to change these dueling circles in to some thing else?“


“Oh yes. I came up this hill last year and found that the night before some duel had gone on. No one owned up to it. It was horrendous. The earth was blackened, the bushes scattered and all the flowers were either frost covered or burned. I think some one was eventually punished but I can't remember whom… I was busy saving the land.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “Has anyone completely destroyed your work?“

Part IX

“If I am leaving it as a dueling circle, then only a year. After that it only takes a little water and some clipping to keep things visible. If I am transforming a circle then it can take much longer… two three years for a complete look. The hedge maze took nearly five years.“

- Professor Vickery's Answer, “How long does it take for a circle to be decorated to your liking?“