A Story about Pirates
Prerequisites : College Durand
Begin Date : Pramidi 15
End Date : Kaliri 28
Days : Unknown
ModTools Name : Naughty Pirates Adventure
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

This is an adventure for students of Durand college in which there are a lot of pirates on campus. With some encouragement from an upperclassman called Dobry, you put yourself in the middle of it, much to Orsi's displeasure.

The adventure can be completed in just 1 session, a successful adventure can gain multiple skill-ups and a point of Finesse.

Unlocked by: Being in college Durand

Phase 1: A story about pirates

  • 1. "Oh fine.  Let's go look for pirates and see if we can be heroes, sounding the alarm for Academagians anywhere.  It's better than doing my homework at least."    (Roll vs #)
Automatic:  Advance phase 2.

  • 2. "Oh fine.  Why don't you tell me about pirates?  I know you will anyway."  (Roll v. #)

  • 3. You don't have time for pirates.  Not stories, not keeping an eye out for pirate ships nearing the school, and certainly not for an actual pirate attack!

Phase 2: The Eye of the Moon

  • 1. Running.  Go to Dobry's room to get the weapons he bought.  Dumb pirates have no idea what they're getting themselves into, attacking a bunch of magic students.   (Roll v. at most 17)
Success: advance phase 3.
Failure: ?

  • 2. Hide.  You're not messing with any pirates!  (Roll v. at least 10)
Success: ?
Failure: ?

Phase 3: Escaping the pirate

  • 1. Play along and see where he takes you.
Automatic: ?

  • 2. Glamour.  there's a spell for confusion some of the kids have used to prank each other lately.  Maybe you can confuse the pirate and then make your escape! (Roll v. at most 8)
Success: +1 reason SS, advance phase 4.

  • 3. Escape Artist.  Make a run for it.  You're more spry than a lumbering overweight pirate, right? (Roll v. 7)
Success: ?
Failure: ?

Phase 4: Looking for the Legate

  • 1. Magic won't help you find Orso if he doesn't want to be found.
Success: ?
Failure: ?

  • 2. Character Study.  If you were Orso, where would you be?  (Roll v. at most 12)
Success: +1 Reason ss, advance to phase 5.
Failure: ?

  • 3. Concentration.  Cast a locating spell.  (Roll v. at most 16)
Success: ?
Failure: ?

Phase 5: In the library.

  • 1. Nod.  (Roll v. #)
Automatic: +1 lip reading ss, advance to phase 6.

  • 2. Shake your head no.  (Roll v. #)

Phase 6: Walking the plank

  • 1. Concentration.  Fly.  (Roll v. 16)
Success: ?
Failure: ?

  • 2. Negation Methods.  Twist gravity around to bring you the Eye of the Moon!  (Roll v. at most 20)
Success: +1 finesse, advance to phase 7.
Failure: ?

Phase 7: Back in Orso's study

  • 1. "So what does the Eye of the Moon do?" you ask.


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