A Timely Warning
Prerequisites : College Hedi
Begin Date : Unknown
End Date : Unknown
Days : 8
ModTools Name : Dexter versus Rui
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

This is an adventure with Rui da Casga in which the hero gets Rui and Philippe to agree to a mature truce based on mutual respect...honest guv...

The adventure takes at least 8 sessions, a successful adventure can gain at least 3 skill-ups, one or two relationship improvements, and a point of either Charm or Insight.

Stage 1: A Timely Warning

Phase 1: A Timely Warning

  • 1. Oh.  It's Dexter.  Great.     (Roll v. ≤ ?)

  Automatic:  advance to Phase 2

Phase 2: The Bully Falls!

  • 1. Revision Methods.  Mini-size me!  You decide to make yourself small so you can escape undetected and get to class on time.   (roll v. 18 at most)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?

  • 2. Riding.  Hitch a lift with one of the peratoos!  (roll v. ~4)

  Success:  ?, access Stage 2
 Failure:  -3 Merit, -1 Vitality, access Stage 2

Stage 2: Dangerous Liaisons

  • 1. Run like the wind!
 Automatic: ?

  • 2. Incantation Methods.  you're going to have to freeze both Philippe and Dexter and grab all Dexter's materials in five minutes.  You'll have to be quick! (roll v. ?)
 Success:  ?, access Stage 3
 Failure:  ?

  • 3. Flattery.  Use your superb oration skills and charm to talk Philippe into foiling his big brother's plans (roll v. ?)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?

Stage 3: Dragon Spit

  • 1. Skip class.

  Automatic:  ?

  • 2. Revision Methods.  You have five minutes to get to class and you'll never make it on time if you go back to your room and change.  So you decide to cast a spell to make you go faster.  (roll v. 18 at most)
 Success:  expand Navigation +1 SS, access Stage 4
 Failure:  ?

  • 3. Persuasion.  Use your charm and intellect to talk someone into letting you borrow some clothes.  (roll v. 30 at most)
 Success:  expand Social Skills +1 SS, access Stage 4
 Failure:  ?

Stage 4: Forced Diplomacy.

  • 1. Time out.  You tell Rui you need to go home and think about it.  You're pretty sure that this wasn't what Professor Piaxenza had in mind.

  Automatic:  ?

  • 2. Rhetoric.  You're not a prankster, you're a charmer!  You're intellectual!  Use your charm and intellect to talk Rui out of playing any more pranks on Dexter.  (roll v. 18 at most)
 Success:  ?, access Stage 5
 Failure:  ?

  • 3. Composure.  Agree to help Rui.  (roll v. 20 at most)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?

Stage 5: Revising the Plan

  • 1. No game.  You're taking???
 Automatic:  ?

  • 2. Espionage.  Dig up some dirt on Philippe and leverage it against him.  (roll v. ~17)
 Success:  expand Journalism +1 SS, Relationship with Philippe Marchant -1, access Stage 6
 Failure:  ?

  • 3. Research.  If you're going to help Philippe with frog conversions, you're going to have to find a high-level revision book and get a little tutoring on how to use it.  (roll v. 24 at most)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?
  • 4. Study Habits.  You have studied the revision spell and you feel confident that you can teach Philippe how to turn people into toads...even if this may come back to bite you later..  (roll v. ~10)
 Success:  Relationship with Everwine von Zoedorf -1, Relationship with Philippe Marchant +1, access Stage 6
 Failure:  ?

Stage 6: Miscommunication

  • 1. Pure Luck.  Just lay low and hope that everything will blow over.  (roll v. 21 at most)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?

  • 2. Diplomacy.  Go negotiate!  Explain, talk, get Rui to understand you were just trying to help out.  (roll v. 17 at most)
 Success:  expand Negotiate +1 SS, access Stage 7
 Failure:  ?

Stage 7: The Prank

 Automatic:  ?

  • 2. Transport.  Use a cart.  (roll v. 11 at most)
 Success:  expand Brute Strength & Coordination +1 SS each, access Stage 8
 Failure:  +1 Stress, pause Adventure

Stage 8: The Showdown

  • 1. Confidence.  Use the rhetorical skills you've mastered and talk them into agreement.  (roll v. ~11)
 Success:  expand Diplomacy +1 SS, expand Charm +1, Relationship with Finus Piaxenza +3, conclude Adventure
 Failure: ?

  • 2. Blackmail.  Use what you know to force a truce.  (roll v. ~11)
 Success:  expand Intimidation +1 SS, expand Insight +1, Relationship with Finus Piaxenza +3, conclude Adventure
 Failure:  ?
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