This is a series of lores found in the game.

Aamur Zin's Ways of the Stars, by Ias Main

Part I

"Excerpt from the text, “Aamur Zin's Ways of the Stars,“ by Ias Main

"Born in a village called Zanduur which lay south of the borders of the Empire, Aamur Zin was born on an unrecorded year. His prominence in his early years rose him to the status that he is today. For ironically it was at an early school age that he began his greatest work in geometry. It was he who gave the motto that geometry lie in all things. Secrets could not be kept from a mathematician. In many ways mathematician perform much greater work than magicians."

Part II

"Excerpt from the text, “Aamur Zin's Ways of the Stars,“ by Ias Main

"Though the principles of geometry were many, Aamur Zin was more interested in its relation to the stars. His notes provide the framework for all current astrologers. These same astrologers are said to be in the same vain as the fabled High King. In one instance the High King of Rimerta has been called a purveyor of geometry himself. Aamur Zin appears to have proven this as fact."

Part III

"Excerpt from the text, “Aamur Zin's Ways of the Stars,“ by Ias Main

"Though cryptic it may be, many have claimed Aamur Zin was suggesting that geometry was the language of the Old Gods. This has been beliefed to be false by some. Still it is held in high regard that geometry is a physical representation of this language. Yet the reading of stars and the mapping of them are two different fields. But if geometry is the key to all things, perhaps their is an unseen link? Aamur Zin in his usual wit has propagated this rumor."

Part IV

"Excerpt from the text, “Aamur Zin's Ways of the Stars,“ by Ias Main

"The Axiom has provided support to the Empire by producing the most skilled mathematicians to pass on their skills. Many have been instructors at the Academagia itself. The elitist nature of the Axiom makes it much harder to enter than all other schools in turn. Yet this is the end of the lesson of geometry, for now. The Axiom will now, as it has always been, the firsthand supplier of geometric knowledge."

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