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Aaran Ledale

College: Avila

Familiar: Tepte the Doomhound

There's no student more odd than Aaran - thus, it's something of a relief that he spends more time in the infirmary then he does out of it. He's supposedly from the streets of Mineta, but it seems he can barely survive the rigors of the Academagia. He's not all that skilled as a mage anyway, but he seemed linked to some Astrological happenstance: when he's around, odd things happen. It's almost like the odds of probability and chance get shredded, making him something like the centre of a storm of weirdness. He can't explain it, not in any way that doesn't involve a fifteen minute babble about the concept of destiny. It's a rare torrent of words from someone who's mostly quiet, still, and unnoticeable when he's around to be noticed at all.

Ability: Fate's Reject[]

Astrologers tend to get weird when the subject of fate comes up, and Aaran's no exception. Convince in some way that it's broken, he tends to walk in strange aimless patterns around the odder rooms of the campus, tear through books in languages he can't read, write up star charts and horoscopes for people he barely knows, do repetitive card readings for anyone who walks by, casts glamour spells on mirrors and generally just act bizarre. The most common result of his obsession is that he stresses himself out or learns a bit more about astrology, but there are other results. Sometimes he gets horribly sick. And, very rarely, sometimes he learns something really, really strange.

Clique Ability: Luck for Health[]

Triggering Luck for Health reduces Luck by 1 and Pure Luck by 5, but Increases Fitness by 1 and Endurance by 5. It also increases the chance of wandering into a random event by 5%. Effects last for five days at a time.

One can be a friend of Aaran while spending little time with him. Aaran himself encourages that. Still, if a friend desires to spend a few hours in his company, they'll find themselves affected by a condition almost the opposite of the one that plagues him. For a full five days, their luck will fail them, but in return they'll find themselves with increased health. They'll also find themselves victim of the so-called curse "may you live in interesting times" and will find their chance of wandering into a random encounter mildly increased.


Astrology, Dialectic, Geometry, Glamour, History, Negation

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