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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 5 []

On the outskirts of the Academy grounds, there's a derelict building whose wall bears the following verse:

These words stand here,

I held these places dear.

Please have no fear,

And come more near,

A prize without a peer,

If you just use your ear!

The message is totally out of date, and the prize has long since been clalmed. Still, the house - or the spirit that inhabits it - does get lonely on occasion, and appreciates company.


Visit the Abandoned Building (Active)[]

Spending time talking with the Abandoned Building grants you 1 Step Expansions to Conversation and to a random Enchant sunskill. It'll also reduce Stress by 1 point; the building is a good listener.

Unlocked by[]

  • Random event
  • Explore - Academagia Grounds