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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

Open to all, the Academagia Compounding Center is the one place in the Academagia that is taken apart at the end of every year and reassembled for pure safety reasons. Every bench, stool, stand... everything is disassembled, cleaned, sterilized with steam, and put back together. If there is ever a question as to whether or not something has been correctly and effectively cleaned, the item is destroyed without hesitation. In its younger daysm accidents were plentiful in the A.C.C., hence the rigorous eye on safety. The smallest pinch of powder or drop of juice is enough to combine with something else in the air or something dropped a year or five later; records name buildings which have been knocked down due to shock waves produced by some of these explosions. After Legate Bronson's favorite son lost his last two fingers of his wand-wielding hand, the rules have been strict and unforgiving... tear down the room at the end of the year and cleanse it ruthlessly!


Academagia: Academagia Compounding Center (Passive)[]

Visitng the Academagia: Academagia Compounding Center will Increase one's Chemistry skill by 1 - even if that goes beyond the normal Maximum - for the duration of the visit.

Academic Osmosis at the Compounding Center (Active)[]

With a successful Intelligence/Observation Roll (v. 7) a visit to the Academagia's Compounding center will Expand your knowledge of a random Brew Subskill and a totally random subskill by 1 point each.

  • Expand Random Brew SS
  • Expand Random SS

Unlocked By:[]