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This well known fixture of the Academagia is ever changing and difficult to solve; if one has the proper ability and a little bit of luck (Luck/Puzzles Roll v. 17), one will sove the puzzle and earn 2 Glory for oneself and 5 Merit Points for one's College. Even if one fails, simply trying will Expand one's skill at Puzzles and one's Dedication by 1 Step each; every effort brings one closer to success!

A fixture on the Academagia grounds since 672, the Block Puzzle is a thirty foot by thirty foot square filled with coloured blocks of different sizes, shapes, and colours. At the moment the first ray of light strikes the Main Gates, the blocks levitate out of the confines of the puzzle and perform an odd little dance that shuffles the pieces around even as they rotate and change colours. After a few minutes of this dance, the blocks settle back into the confines of the puzzle, though in an entirely different configuration than they were earlier. The puzzle difficulty's always hard to solve no matter what! Unlike Celsus' Maze, the Block Puzzle has been solved many times; every time a student slides the last correct piece into place, a trumpet sounds and announces the name of the person who solved the puzzle and their College. If a visitor solves the puzzles, the announcement contains their home island instead.

Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 0[]

Note: as of Patch 3 and Content Patch 1 the effects of this room have changed.


Academagia: Try to Solve the Block Puzzle (Active)[]

On a successful Luck/Puzzles roll v. 17:[]

  • Expand Merit +5
  • Expand Glory +2
  • Add Memory: "Block Puzzle- Puzzled Out!"


  • Malice - Puzzles 3. (Only before Patch 3 and Content Patch 1)
  • Unlocked by default (Patch 3 and Content Patch 1 and newer)