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Visitors to the Dining Hall will note a 1 point Increase to their Practical Jokes Skill, but only while they remain there.

If there is any place in Academagia that has seen more rowdy students than the dorms, it is the "dining hall", the section of the Great Hall usually reserved for eating and drinking. Almost entirely overrun by socialising pupils, the dining hall is the least likely place for academic prowess. Despite this very understandable misconception, let it be known that like all other places in the halls of the school, the dining hall holds secrets from pranking students to ever-educating professors alike. If it would help, perhaps one should take a closer look at their own eating utensils.

Region: Academagia[]

Change of Discovery: 0[]

Ability (Passive):[]

Unlocked by[]

  • This is unlocked by default for all students.