Academagia Wiki


Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Exploration Difficulty: 12[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

This section of the Academagia gate is oddly different than every other section. Those who find it don't brag about it, but they do often visit. Something about the way the vines crawl up and around the stone and wood-braced section of the fence lends itself to questioning, and those who take the time to trace the path of the vines occasionally discover a new Pheme for themlseves. Perhaps they should use it, and perhaps they should not, yet none who gain this knowledge have ever told anyone in power, and those who later gain power never order repairs on this section. Perhaps things are best left they way they are....

Abilities (Active)[]

Examine the Fences (Ability)[]

Visitors to this section of the Academagia Fences have a tiny chance (5%) of learning a Pheme of the Gates Spell Type. Even if they don't, they can expect 1 Step Expansions to Scouting and Observation for their trouble.

Unlocked by[]