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The staff at the Academagia Infirmary aren't going to let first year students practice chirurgery, no matter how much they seem to love the saw - but a little bit of confidence with Negation effects can get you a long way with the people who see to public health in a school full of temperamental kids and quickly written Phemes. Tending to cursed upperclassmen is Stressfulf work (Expanding Stress by 1), but the better you are at it (with Intelligence/Negation Rolls v. 4, 9, 13, and 18), the more money you'll earn - up to 75 pims a session. Making any effort at all also automatically grants 1 Skill Step in Field Medicine.

If that's not your style...well, students are always invited to help in the preparations of Potions, Draughts, and Palliative Unguents; they don't need to have any pre-existing skill, so much as a willingness to follow orders precisely (and to suffer through long and exacting yelling the case of human error). A session with the flasks will only earn you 10 pims, but it'll also Expand your understanding of Negation Methods and a random Brew Subskill by 1 Step each. Alas, you can also expect to gain a point of Stress.

Region: Academagia[]

Change of Discovery: 0[]


Gentle Doctor (Active)[]

Earn up to 75 pims and a chance of stress.

Assistant Tonic Brewmaster (Active)[]

1 point of Negation Methods and a random Brew subskill at the cost of stress.

Unlocked By[]