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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 20[]

The Professor's Lounge is a sacred place for all teachers, young and old, from grizzled veteran to doe-eyed neophyte. Every school has a Professor's Lounge no matter what size the school is. There are several unwritten rules regarding these lounges that should always be taken into consideration. First, no administrators are allowed while Professors are relaxing; it's just uncouth for a Legate to come in and discipline a Professor in the one place they should always be comfortable to relax in. Second, students are strictly forbidden unless expressly invited by a Professor, who usually has the consent of the other Professors in the Lounge beforehand. Third, no subject is taboo... none. If Professors wish to discuss the finer points of Mastery and Gates while in their spare time, this is the one place in the entire school where they should feel absolutely and totally comfortable enough to do so.


Drop in on the Professor's Lounge (Active)[]

A visit to the Professors' Lounge will Expand the Study Level of a random Class by 2 (or to maximum, as the case may be); considering how often Professors come in here to relax, however, there is an extremely high chance that one wil be caught and Reprimanded if one doesn't have permission to be here.

  • Expand a Random Study Skill by 2 points.

Unlocked By:[]