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Visiting the Academagia Public Practice Room #4 gives a person a 50% Chance of Success at Expanding their command of all the primary musical instruments by a single Step. Something about the room just exalts the business of practice.

The Academagia has several public practice rooms for the music department, thanks to the amazing fundraising abilities of Henna Ilyon and her skills in playing the lyre. As an unintended side effect of the school's new music wing, many more students wished to study music than had originally been planned for. In effect, the Academagia Music Department became victims of their own success. The department planned for roughly 75 students a year to apply for music lessons; current figures show at least double that number attend one or more music lessons a semester. Because of this, there is still not enough room for students to practice, and the Music Department has issued a 'hands off' policy when it comes to using these popular practice rooms; there are no reservations made for the public practice rooms, leaving them to be a strict 'first come first served' location.

Region: Academagia[]

Change of Discovery: 0[]

Abilities (Active][]

Academagia Public Practice Room (Ability)[]

Unlocked by[]

  • Unlocked by default for all students