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The Academagia Stables are not, by general consensus, the most pleasantly aromatic of places to visit. The benefits are small and incredibly narrow, yet a person well schooled in the ways of Animal Husbandry can find a way to make this work towards their advantage. Taking an animal out of the stables without express written permission is tantamount to academic suicide, for the groundskeeper guards his charges with a passionate flair that few are willing to go up against.

Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Exploration Difficulty: 2[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

Abilities (Active)[]

Help around the Stables (Ability)[]

Any student who offers to help out around the stables will earn a quick 10 pims - not a fortune, but just enough to help put the smell in context. For his or her efforts, though, that hypothetical student will also shed two points of Stress, and gain a Skill Step in his or her understanding of Mammals.

Abilities (Passive)[]

Academagia: Stables (Passive)[]

Visitors to Academagia's Stables will enjoy 1 point Increases to their skill with Mammals, their Dedication and their application of Brute Strength for the duration of their stay.

Unlocked by[]