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Taking Measurements at the Academagia Sundial allows one to expand one's skill at Famous Geometry Problems and Reason by 1 Step each.

During the first decade of the Academagia's existence, this sundial was the main means of telling time. A crier would stand at the dial and announce the arrival of what we now call the sixth, ninth, twelfth, third, and again sixth hours; at the time, of course, they were called as the first, fourth, seventh, tenth, and thirteenth (the unluckiest) hour. During the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Academagia, the bell tower was dedicated, thus rending this instrument obsolete for all but the curiosity seekers. Still, the old sundial is a fantastic place to come and ponder questions of eternal mathematical impart and could, perhaps someday, help inspire someone to answer one or more of these questions.

Region: Academagia[]

Change of Discovery: 0[]


Take Measurements[]


Unlocked by[]

  • This location is unlocked by default for all students.