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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Exploration Difficulty: 6[]

Chance of Discovery: 6[]

Within Academagia, one finds many professors and peers that can offer valuable knowledge and guidance. Yet often overlooked is the valuables gained from those that some view as having no authority to guide. One such man is the Groundskeeper. His profession dictates that he must only care for the structural upkeep of the school. His true commodity, however, is the structural upkeep of heritage. His knowledge is told by some to be greater than that of some professors themselves. It is rahter difficult to know for sure, for modesty is a viture that he regards most highly.


Academagia Groundskeeper's Office (Passive)[]

For the duration of your stay at the Academagia Groundskeeper's Office, you enjoy a 1 point Increase to your understanding of Comets.

Active abilities[]

The place is also a frequent stopping point for the school's more active runners - not because it conveys any obvious bonuses to the training, but because so many paths are accessible from its door. If you choose to take a relatively undemanding route, you'll gain a Step at the Running Subskill, and you stand a very small (but not insignificant) chance of gaining a point of Fitness as well. A route of moderate difficulty is slightly more likely to net you a Fitness Expansion, and an Expansion of 2 Skill Steps to Running, but it also Expands your Stress by 2 points. A really challenging - by which we mean murderous - route will Expand your Stress by 4, but also adds another Skill Step to your potential bonuses, and makes that Expansion to Fitness all the more likely.

Run a Light Training Route (Active)[]

Run a Moderately Ambitious Training Route (Active)[]

Run a Potentially Crippling Training Route (Active)[]


Unlocked by[]