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The Acoustic Pheme grants an additional 1 point to one's Listen and Espionage Skills. The difficulty level is 4.

The power of the Acoustic Pheme lies in its theory; it has been shown that things make sound through different materials (called "media" in the newer scholarly papers). One knows this fairly instinctively, for when one sticks their head in a pool of water, sound becomes muffled or wavy; sound "echoes" down stone corridors differently than ones made of wood; shouting somone's name into a stone wall gets their attention far less frequently than shouting the same name into open air. The discovery of the Acoustic Pheme less than a decade ago has opened the door to new areas of research that show plenty of unexplored promise still today.

Difficulty: 4

Possible Effects[]

Spell Types[]

  • Acoustic (Magnitude = 6)
  • Air (Magnitude = 6)
  • Opposition Void (Magnitude = 3)

Unlocked by[]