The Acument Plant Seed will give a +1 increase to the Reason Skill

Description:Small and blue and bitter to the taste, the Acument seed isn't for eating.  The Acument plant's sentience itself is in dispute, but it is well known that soaking an Acument seed and drinking the water will expand one's power to reason.

Item Information

  • Seed
  • Durability Type: Durable
  • Durability: 4
  • Size: 0
  • Concealabilty: 0
  • Worth: 180

Recipe Information

Quality: 1

Enchant Skills: Plot

Gained From

  • Scour the Flour Mill (Active)
  • Random Event where a large acument plant asks for water. Obtained from passing a Perception roll followed by an Observation roll. (Story Code: Garden 1)
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