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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 4[]

For generations, the Nos family have been experts in the School of Revision, starting with their matriarch, Revision Master Sabinu Nos. Not only are the Nos's exceptional creators of Revision spells, phemes, and Items, but they have learned how to include the benefits of Revision in potions. There is a Nos Apothecary located in the City of Mineta. *A* Nos Apothecary, because the family's exclusive potions are so in demand that they were able to branch out from their town in Estreuse. The Nos's now have shops in several regions, even as far away as Chamin.

Adella Nos runs this particular Nos Apothecary. Like her ancestor Sabinu, she's petite, blonde, and generous with her knowledge. At a relatively young age, she's quite skilled at Revision herself. Stay awhile, and just listen. You'll learn a lot.


A visit to Nos Apothecary will give you a 1 point increase to your Revision for the duration of your stay.

Items at the shop:[]

Name Item Description Cost
Aetherial Acidic Alchemical Component 18
Aetherial Basic Alchemical Component 10
Aetherial Neutral Alchemical Component 12
Aetherial Poisonous Alchemical Component 75
Explore City of Mineta Potion Increase Explore +1 112
Explore Imperial Reserves Potion Increase Explore +1 112
Obscurity Potion Decrease CoD by 3% 324
Purified Water 19

Unlocked by[]