Academagia Wiki


Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Every city with more than three houses has at least one beggar, or so the saying goes. With the Academagia and the Imperial Palace so close, the number of beggars in Mineta is relatively small, but relatively small doesn't mean nonexistent. With the decline of the Empire, the school and the Temples have picked up the slack to make sure no one goes hungry and have stated openly that all anyone needs to do to get enough coin for a good meal is show up at this corner at a certain time of day. The most important piece of news is that there are no questions asked… none.


Give Charity and Work (Active)[]

You'll earn a single Skill Step in Ethics, Piety and a random Cooking subskill. With sufficient Insight and Piety (roll vs. 22), you may even be personally transformed by the experience, gaining lasting increses to Insight and Confidence.

Unlocked By:[]