Chance of Discovery: 2

Region: The City of Mineta

Abilities (Passive)

Admiratio Market: Overlook (Passive)

There's nothing like a visit to the Admiratio Overlook to put you totally on your guard - after you've taken in the bustle, your all-too-reasonable concerns about thieves, pickpockets and random guttersnipes lingers with you for an entire day, bringing with it 1 point increases to both Danger Sense and Patrol.

Abilities (Active)

Watch for Marks (Ability)

If you're a card-carrying member of the Thieves' Guild, you can use the Admiratio Overlook as a place from which to hunt for people too complacent for the loot in their pockets - upon a successful Roll, you'll receive a Random Item. Of course, attempting a theft automatically incurs 3 points of Stress - but the better you are at Sleight-of-Hand, the more of that Stress you'll shed when the moment finally comes; those who are superhumanly good may actually find their Stress reduced by the experience!

  • Add Random Item
  • Expand Stress +3 (Roll)

Unlocked by

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