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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 0[]


Being at the Admissions Office while attempting any Slander Person action will increase one's Chance of Success by 5%.

The Admissions Office is one of those places that students love with all their hearts...for exactly two days out of each school year. Many students don't even actually bother to visit this area, preferring to send in their paperwork and pay the small fee that accompanies this action; those who are simply too poor to afford this option stand in line at the end of each semester in hopes of getting a favoured spot in their much needed classes. Once the school year begins, this location practically shuts down, though a few clerks are always around looking for something interesting to hear.

Abilities (Passive)[]

Admissions Office (passive)[]

Unlocked by[]

  • This location is unlocked by default for all students