This is a series of lores found in the game. The Beginning of all lores have been truncated from their appearance in game. All entries contain the following text, Which has been removed from the entries here to allow for more smooth reading:

"Miranda's Beauty Club is as always seeking fresh and innovative ideas for the beauty health of its patrons. Therefore, it has decided unanimously that the wisest course of action is to send out a number of pamphlets, each focusing on one particular suggestion by which to enrich the lives of those who are wise and beautiful enough to seeks its wisdom. "

Advice from Miranda's Beauty Club

Part I

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: Anoint your skin with fragrant oil, to lose the cracks and roughness from toil.

It is highly suggested that one who seeks the loveliness that Miranda can attest to do so at least twice a day for an entire moon cycle. The oils one should use are essential in getting that healthy, breath-taking glow we all should strive towards. The most coveted and beneficial of these oils can be found within the heart of the rare blue primrose."

Part II

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: When trouble or illness keeps you sleep, the dark below the eye will look too deep. Find a cucumber and slice it fine, rest it upon your eyes for some time, and with a gentle motion, press. You'll look and feel refreshed.

The term 'Beauty Rest' is more than just a phrase used by the masses. Miranda believes that in order to obtain a truly healthy complexion one much not only get enough sleep but look well rested. If extra time with the pillow isn't in the cards for you then one may have to use beauty hints in order to reach the relaxed look of one who has slept properly."

Part III

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: A stain upon the lips makes a lady's look complete, but careful to use only what is good enough to eat. From berry and honey make a paste, an appealing look and fine to taste."

Part IV

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: A blush should never be too dark and may only sit properly in a limited amount of space.

The key to a good blush is to make it look as if it isn't there. One should strive for a subtle but promising glow of the cheeks that draws attention to the delicate features of a smile, without screaming for attention. A good way to remember the rules for blush is with the following poem...

For the cheeks, have the blush of youth,
mash the grapes from the drink of truth.
Below your eye and near your nose,
rub it for the blush of rose."

Part V

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: The eyes are the window to the soul; open them with a line of kohl. The line should take an upward sweep, and smile on the face you need to keep.

The key to a good eye lining is to know when enough is enough. Your eyes should seem to pop without smoldering. Your gaze should be seen as piercing without falling under the category of creepy. Kohl is a heavy ink so it is always best to err on the side of lightness, for fear of smudging and running."

Part VI

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: To let the light play on your hair, the juice of lemon goes in there. The color will lighten around the crown; it works on hair both blonde and brown.

Keep in mind that there are other ways to lighten ones hair. Sunlight and Crushl berries can lighten ones hue with little to no effort. That being said, if your hair is naturally an extremely dark color these attempts may have little to no effect and what effect it does have may look outlandish and stringy for a person whose complexion is naturally suited for dark hair. Bear caution."

Part VII

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: Special care should be taken when girls prepare themselves for the festival of Thenia. For the midnight coming of age ceremony, a young girl's hair should be arranged in an intricate braid to set off her face. On this night for the first time she may adorn her eyes with pale shadow and her cheeks with the blush of a rose."


"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: For the Sententae, the celebration of love and courtship, a girl should take care not to overdo her face with colors and powders. It is this face her lover will remember for all his days and she should take care to let the radiance of youth and love shine through."

Part IX

"This pamphlet has been written with the following suggestion: For the Wedding feast, lips should be the color of peach, eyes powdered with sparkle of the stars and rimmed for all to see how full of love they are. A mixture of berry and oil will brighten her cheeks and make them glow so of her love all will know."

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