The Aeger Adfectus Spell puts its target in a courageous state of mind, Increasing the Courage Subskill and the Chance of Courageous Actions by 5%.

Successfully casting the spell hinges on Fitness and a certain skill at Bullying (Roll v. 6) as much as it does on a knowledge of the Phemes.

Effects last for 18 turns, three full days.


- Increase Courage

- Increase Courage Chance

Action Types

- Beneficial

Spell Types

- Glamour

- Knowledge


- Knowledge (Pheme)

- Understanding (Pheme)

- Surety (Pheme)

- Painful (Pheme)

- Spite (Pheme)

Duration: 18

Unlocked by

Bully - Insult Subskill 10

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