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This is a series of lores found in the game.

Against Gates, by Revor Homson[]

Part I

“There is a reason one cannot freely travel to other planes as easily as one goes from house to house in a quaint little town. There are boundaries for a reason, and not even something as powerful as magic should break such rules. Imagine the awful consequences of letting more monsters into our realm. Haven’t we enough?”

Part II

“Man has enough enemies in this world. If it is not beasts, it is the weather. If it is not beasts or the weather, it is one’s neighbors or people from across seas and regions. Why would one open the doors to other worlds and gain more enemies?”

Part III

“The only possibility I see to opening doors to other worlds is our imminent doom at the hands of strange creatures that surely want to destroy us. I believe any support of exploring these connections to other planes is naive and will prove dangerous to both worlds.”

Part IV

“Gates spells are banned at the Academagia, and for good reason: no one can be trusted to use them responsibly. After all, what reason does one have for casting Gates but for the purposes of unleashing dangerous beasts from other planes? While the idea of entrusting a task like that to noble individuals is palatable, such individuals do not exist.”

Part V

“Say you are a ruler and suddenly get the overwhelming desire to send some of your subjects into another land just for the sake of exploration. Now, imagine how the people who live in this unfamiliar territory will feel when they find these strangers entering. They’ll expect an invasion and attempt to stage an offensive maneuver to beat your people to it. Then these people conquer your land and dethrone you. That is the situation I fear.”