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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Alan Ironcloak (also known as Alan Morleigh) was actually something of a prodigy at the Academagia ten or fifteen years ago - a lot llke Marc Sury, maybe, only instead of making rings that shone like moonlight on a young girl's hand, he hammered together suits of armor that spat out lightning any time an opposing duelist so much as squinted hard. These days, he runs a small smithy that caters to the needs of a very small group of very exclusive shoppers; the armor is as effective as it ever was, but now he's learned to clean it up for court.


Test at Ironcloak's Forge (Active)[]

Alan Ironcloak still has fond memories of the Academagia, and any up and coming student who can demonstrate real competence at the fires and steel can find experience and ready money at Ironcloak's Forge. You have to test well to be accepted as a journeyman armorer - it costs 30 pims for raw materials, and you put your Strength and your skill as Armorer on display (Roll v. 11 to pass). Every time you try, you gain a step as an Armorer and to Dedication.

You can take the test as often as you like - and once you pass, he buys your work for 50 pims and you can come back and touch up any of Alan's projects whenever you have time.

Work as a Journeyman at Ironcloak's Forge (Active)[]

Working a shift at Alan Ironcloak's firepits will gain you 1 step as an Artisan, as a connoisseur of Court Fashion, and as a man or woman of Courage before the Forge - as well as at least 50 pims a go. On the other hand, you'll also earn a point of Stress; Alan may like you, but he's not going to let you slack off when you're working under his name.


Unlocked By:[]