This is a series of lores found in the game.

Alchemical Tendencies

Part I

"Chemistry is the study of matter, its compositon and how it changes when combined with other forms of matter. This is the basis of poitions. Without knowledge of chemistry, you cannot excel at potions. This also leads into the practice of artifice. In magic, all things are connected.

- Silas N'Gol on Chemistry, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

Part II

"Inorganic chemistry is concerned with matter which is not organic. Minerals, rocks, and geology fall into this category. This is also important to trade which is concerned with salt. Salt compounds, isolating salts from solutions, and storing salts in solutions can be a profitable business. 

- Silas N'Gol on Inorganic Chemistry, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

Part III

"Organic chemsity is concerned with the study of organic matter. This is also the most persuasive version of chemistry. It is used for herbal medications, tinctures, really anything to do with plants. Everything contains a chemical reaction, so this also deals with what plants produce to reproduce and protect themselves.

- Silas N'Gol on Organic Chemistry, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

Part IV

"Biochemsitry is a relatively new discipline. If you hold to the premise that everything can be reduced to a chemical reaction, then even humans are just the sum of these reactions. This is the study of biochemistry. Trying to understand how the human body works can only help mankind, as it will enable us to cure diseases, and save lives.

- Silas N'Gol on Biochemistry, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

Part V

"Chemistry is responsible for the process that led man to discouver how to process metal from ore. The dragon's dangerous breath would super heatth rock and leave sparkling bits of metal behind. This process was adapted by man to refine metal from mined ore. Now we take that metal to make everything from weapons to works of art.

- Silas N'Gol on processing metal, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

Part VI

"In order to make sure the reaction you are witnessing is a true one, it is best to have controled experimentation. This means that all your insterments must be sterile, that you only introduce one component and a time and take complete notes. Some go as far as to control who knows or works on an experiment.

- Silas N'Gol on controlled experimentation, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

Part VII

"One of the grails of chemistry is to find the agent which transmutes one compound into another. It is believed that such an agent would make the finder rich as then he or she could turn any compound into gold. So far no such agent has been found. Modern chemists leave the alchemist's elixir notion to the alchemists.

- Silas N'Gol on the Alchemist's Elixir, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“


"This is the study of chemistry and how it applies to medicine. Through testing on small animals, these chemists study how medical combinations can cure diseases. This has brought us a cure for ship's sickness and other travel related sicknesses.

- Silas N'Gol on Iatrochemistry, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

Part IX

"Mass cannot be completely destroyed. It remains in some form no mattter what you do to it. Even if you burn it, you can reduce it to ashes, or separate it out but it will not go away. That's why evidence is always left behind. In some ways this how chemistry is important to the authorities as well.

- Silas N'Gol on Conservation of Mass, from the text, “Alchemical Tendencies“

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