This is a series of lores found in the game.

Ali El

Part I

"The following excerpt is from the published journal of Ali El, assistant of Academagia headmaster Orso Orsi. Ali El details a chat between them within an unspecified time period.

“Hello! I understand you're here to see Professor Orsi. Well have a seat. Do you have a note for me? Good, good. Let's see, it can be so hard to read hand written notes. No two hands write the same note the same. Ah yes, I can tell by the loopy 'y's that this is from Professor Storey.“

Part II

“What notes do you see the most?“

“Just like yours... here to see the headmaster, for whatever disturbance you've caused. I've seen so many over the years that I don't have to puzzle out the handwriting just to read it.“

Part III

“Who has the worst handwriting?“

“I think it's a tie between Professor Viada and Professor Ringreayer. Their handwriting is so horrible it's nothing more than scribbles on the page. If they write a unique note I have to use a spell to understand what they are trying to say.“

Part IV

“What spell do you use?“

“Oh it's just a simple de-obfuscation spell. You just need a hawk feather, and some dove's blood ink. I save these till the end of the day because it's best do them at sunset.“

Part V

“What are some of the worst notes you have to decipher?“

“That would be spells for approval. New spells that have been handwritten can be some of the most worrisome pieces. If you don't do them correctly the spell can be performed, or worse, will backfire.“

Part VI

“Does bad handwriting cause a lot of problems when casting spells?“

“Of course! If you can't read whether a spell says, haboola or hepjula anything could happen. There was one time I was deciphering a spell and I couldn't work out a word... it so I recited the whole thing. It was supposed to be a painting spell but instead put a hole through my window.“

Part VII

“Who else has that problem?“

“Students whose handwriting is poor will have more missed spells than others. They can't read what they wrote and then do poorly on tests and in practicals. The only thing worse is these new spells.“

Part VII

“What other problems does bad handwriting cause?“

“Oh, all kinds. Kids can sit here all day while I decipher a message. A few parents with just horrible handwriting have shouted at me while I try to make the handwriting legible.“

Part IX

“Why would you have to make the parents wait?“

“Why my job is make sure all messages are legible. Here, yours is done. See I copied it out in nice legible print. You need to take it down the hall to number 514. Thank you!“

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