Region: The City of Mineta

Exploration Difficulty: 4

Chance of Discovery: 1


Alice's is one of the first dining establishments most Academagia students find upon arriving in Mineta; it's close enough to the Great Gate that you can smell the food on days with a good breeze, and Alice herself is much loved by generations of students. There's not a lot of excitement at the Tavern - it's not a place where you go to meet pirates or hear mercenaries' war stories - but that's okay. Sometimes, you're just hungry.

Abilities (Active)

Eat at Alice's Tavern (Ability)

A 10 pim meal at Alice's Tavern will reduce Stress by 1 point while Expanding Conversation and Wit by 1 Step each.

Help at Alice's Tavern (Ability)

Alternatively, you can help out at mealtimes, earning 30 pims and 2 Steps in a random Cooking subskill.

Unlocked by

  • School Survival 1 (i.e. automatically)
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