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A user of this wand will find their Revision and Revision Methods skills greatly increased (+2 each), and simplyholding the wand improves the Finesse (+1) attribute as well.

The strange design of the Alter Wand is the first clue to an observer that this is a special wand; the wood of the wand branches at one end into two parallel forks roughly the legnth of a single finger. One branch is inlaid with spiraling gold, the other with spiraling silver. The origins of the wand are unknown, and the reason for the sale of such an extraordinary wand is equally mysterious.


Item Type[]

  • Hand
  • Durability: Durable (???)
  • Size: ???
  • Concealability: ???
  • Worth: 925

Recipe Information[]

  • ???
  • Quality: ???
  • Artificing Skill: ???
  • Finishing Skill: ???
  • Enchant Skill: ???

Gained From[]