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The Ancient Tome Increases Diction by 2 and Incantation Methods by 1.

This Ancient Tome features a series of exercises for the proper enunciation of Incantation spells. Perhaps more than any other spell type, Incantation spells must be enunciated precisely. You have no idea what might come forth if you slur a syllable here or there. Books such as this one were commonplace centuries ago and fell into disuse once wizards began to artifice items that would boost their Incantation skills.


Ancient Tome (passive)[]

Item Type[]

  • Book
  • Durability Type: Durable
  • Durability: 12
  • Size: 0
  • Concealability: 1
  • Worth: 395

Recipe Information[]

  • Quality: 1

Enchant Skill[]


Gained From[]