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This is a series of lores found in the game

Anecdote on Student's Allowance[]

Part I

"It was only a few weeks before Nim had nothing left in his account. At first the bank notified Nim of his dwindling monies by letter, but Nim continued to withdraw from the account. Then they sent a representative to the school to negotiate with Nim in person.  Nim nodded his head and the next day bought all of his friends a round of drinks at the tavern in Capilutza.

When nothing was left in the account, Nim rushed to the bank to complain. The bank manager explained to Nim that no funds were forthcoming. Nim demanded the bank to transfer funds from his parent’s account to his. The bank flatly refused and escorted the young Nim from the premises."

Part II

"Upon hearing of this incident, Nim’s parents were rightly mortified. Their son was out of control but they were clueless as to how to help him. He was about to flunk out of school and he had no control of his impulses when it came to money.

They consulted the regent of the Avila College, Malcolm Sneed. He suggested that Nim be made to work at the bank. He said that it might show Nim the value of a malin and give Nim confidence to control his spending habits."

Part III

"So, on the 12th of Aruit, Nim began work at the main bank in Mineta as a clerk. Nim was very upset at first. He balked and whined about having to work. He wanted to play rimbal and hang out in Capilutza with his friends, but that was not to be.

Instead of having fun with his friends, Nim found himself behind a counter, counting out malins and quints, quiples and pims. The work was drudgery at first, but as time wore on, Nim began to understand the value of money."

Part IV

"Nim began to notice a trend with the students who came into the bank to make withdrawals. Many of them were working towards the same end he had found himself; more money going out then money coming in. He found himself warning them of the potential danger. Most did not pay him heed.

As time wore on though, some of the students took the advice of Nim and became better stewards of their accounts. To the delight of the parents of these students, account balances actually increased. Soon parents were contacting the bank and the headmaster to find out what was going on."

Part V

"When it was discovered that Nim was behind the success, other parents and students began contacting Nim for financial guidance. His accounting skills helped other students with their skills.

Years later the allowance system was incorporated. Though some students may have more money in their accounts than others, they still have to practice good accounting skills in order to maintain an approval rating with their parents. Some students call this Nim’s Rate."