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This is a series of lores found in the game 

Anecdotes of Analysis[]

Part I

"Last night I discovered a book. Pages so fragile, if flipped too fast, they would shatter into million of tiny pieces. This book was not meant to be discovered, especially by those who would use it for the wrong reasons. Such a book should be kept by me, to keep away from the wrong fingers. This book could cause unwanted tension of an “honor code“ that has been shattered and fixed by so many Leaders; you could almost say the origins of this “honor code“ first started with this book.

"With proper analysis I will tell..."

Part II

"Standing there in his front yard
The man stares on his land
Like a magician without his card
Trying to explain tricks he barely comprehend

The weather had never been like this since he was a teen
Despite the fact of how long it has been
The summer has been too... long
The gold, cattle and water have long gone

His obligations to his family were all that he had in mind
Trying to rationalize all this misery
Grievance, rage and anxiety were all he could find
Act of nature is one big puzzle of mystery

All he could do was just pray and keep his faith
That all this will become better when the time is right
For he is a man of faith
And he had fight with all his might

There he is now, stunned
Standing still, his heartbeats stop
His eyes are glistened
Like a child in front of a candy shop

A glimpse of hope slips into his heart
As a huge dark cloud making its way to the land
His burden lifted when the doors of heaven break apart
There he is found, dancing like a child, in the rain
Wiser than the lot of us."

Part III

"Leading off into the wild, avoiding most roads,
for what ever reason. Dodging bandits or some shortcut
to make the trip a bit swifter, I did not argue with
the lady. After walking along the bottom of a cliff
face, I simply lost sight of her into the circular
pattern of trees and brush. Not missing the weathered
lady, though disappointed in the purchase made, I then
followed the tattered trail before me.

Eventually near noon a main road I recognized
as close to the city, I was relieved to have not been
lost. I then figured that someone might mark this
forgotten path, I began to toss paint onto the tree.
Cutting the outlines where necessary, to form a simple
yet fashionable arrow symbol. Throwing darker paint in
the ridges and outlines, giving the image a raw depth.

Away from the tree, to the house, I slide down
the road with a skip in my walk. Finally reaching the
warm, waiting home, a comforting feeling. Relieving to
be back after the small trip through the cold."

Part IV

"Now the father stands at the grave,
Of the son time couldn't save.
Never did he realize how time did fly.
Now it was too late and he began to cry.

He loved his son, but told him not.
That fact now does haunt his thought.
Thinking of all the time he had lost.
He never knew how much time could cost.

He had put off those he loved the most,
And wondered now if it was he who was a ghost.
He lived life consumed by his work,
Cold to his family, never showed them their worth.

Only now did he see the error of his way,
And vowed that never again would he say,
"I've work to do, I'm sorry to say,
I just don't have time for you today."

Time flies and no one knows why,
But it happens in the blink of an eye."