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The Anger Pheme Expands its target's Stress by 1 point and temporarily Decreases his or her ability to Beguile by the same amount. The difficulty level is 5.

The commonly known, commonly drawn Anger Pheme has its roots in the Empire's early history. Given manifestation by the peoples Verus first conquered, the roots of anger ran deep in every island that came to know the boot prints of the Imperial Army. While very few islands or tribes invited Verus and his ever-expanding army to come to their soil, even those that had given their independence away freely soon came to realize that there was no turning back. As anger over this new type of captivitiy grew, so did the riots and rebelling armies. Once the mercenaries were brought in, Verus was able to successfully divert most of the conquered peoples' anger to the hired swords, thus giving him a chance to establish the rule of law on the most-difficult-to-placate islands. Once given a physical form, however, anger percolated among populaces for generations until finally succumbing to complacency.

Difficulty: 5

Possible Effects:

Spell Types:

  • Anger (Magnitude = 3)
  • Mind (Magnitude = 2)
  • Emotion (Magnitude = 1)
  • Opposition Soothe (Magnitude = 2)

Unlocked By