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College: Aranaz

Familiar: Fanuco the Godsgift Fair Cat

Antonio's brilliant. Everyone says so, himself most of all. He has the classic Monteon look: dark features, a distinct nose, and a rather intense gaze balanced by a sunny smile and eyes as bright and clear as mirrors. He's a social chameleon with a knack for languages who fits in no matter what crowd he's currently spending time with. He's good at everything he does, as he never tries anything he's not good at. A good portion of the school is enchanted by him: girls call him cute, boys call him cool, teachers call him skilled. Others say he's irritating, superficial, and borderline impossible to deal with. There's only thing things that everyone can be agreed on- and that's that, truly, he's Aranaz to the bone.

Ability: UNKNOWN 

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Clique Ability: Shared Philosophy

Antonio has a philosophy: "No matter what the situation, as long as you understand what's happening, you can take control of it". To help share it, he teaches his friends some of the finer points of both Listening and Lip Reading (+1 to each), as well as the basics of some of the languages he knows- and he knows a lot of languages, including Bassan, Merilien, Oncestrian, and Vilocian (+1 to each). Unfortunately, there's another side of this philosophy, and it goes something like, "When you can understand and take control of any situation, everyone but yourself comes across as painfully slow and irritant". Friends of Antonio will find themselves (though usually unconsciously) picking this up as well, suffering from -2 Temperance and -1 Patience.


Arithmetic, Calligraphy, Dialectic, History, Revision, Rhetoric

Good skills

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Personality Preferences

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Adventure: The Latest Rumor

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