Academagia Wiki


Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Exploration Difficulty: 6[]

The soaring dome of Arcadius's Temple in Frontino does more than just inspire and also carries and reflects sound in a way that no other place in Elumia can. If one stands in just the right spot under the dome (which is clearly marked out) and sings a solitary note, that note will be reflected along the inside of the dome and come back to the singer twenty-fold. Novices aren't the only ones who come here to practice or receive enlightenment...professionals and bards are frequently seen here warming up or testing out new songs. An unspoken agreement exists among all who wish to use the dome that everyone will get a turn no matter how many people are waiting, thus ensuring that the spiritual effects will be conferred upon all who come here.


Arcadius's Temple (Passive)[]

Simply visiting Arcadius's Temple will imbue the visitor with a 2 point Increase to Voice for the duration of the visit.

Offer Prayers to Arcadius (Active)[]

Praying at the temple Expands a random Music subskill, as well as two Religion subskills, by 1 step each. A small fee is required.

Unlocked by[]