Region: Academagia Grounds

Chance of Discovery: 1

Abilities (Active)

Cast your Arrows (Ability)

The Archery Range holds competitions every four days or so, wherein earnest young students are encouraged to come trudging out with their bows to be pelted with the overripe fruit of hostile farmers. That said, if you do well, they start pelting money - and you may learn a few Expansions to a few Skills (i.e. Perception, Competition, Concentration) along the way, if you're good enough to compete. If you do *really* well you'll start drawing those members of the Opposite Gender to whom you have some appeal into the audience, and who knows? Relationships may grow by a point or two. All of that said, all you're guaranteed is a one step Expansion to the Archery Skill; the rest is down to Finesse/Archery Rolls (v. 7, 11, 16 and 25).


Unlocked By

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