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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Fed by a small stream running out of Ardica Lake, Ardica's Puddle is another well known 'secret' Dueling Area. The Dueling Area consists of a marshy area bordered by a small stream on elther side: because of the marshy conditions, this Dueling Location favors Ranged attacks, as movements take three times as much effort as normal. This is not to say that Melee combat cannot be achieved, only that those who try it could possibly be under constant attack while closing distance.


Ardica's Puddle (Passive)[]

Those who fight at Ardica's Puddle will find their Chance of Failure at Melee Combat Increased by 75%, essentially forcing them to fight a duel with ranged weapons and spells.

  • Increase Chance of Failure, Melee Combat Actions/Abilities

Unlocked By[]