Academagia Wiki


Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

The canal system of the Academagia was designed with the dual purpose of assisting irrigation and, more importantly, isolating the campus from unwanted visitors.  Those determined enough to find a way in will, though, and this ‘bridge’ is proof of that determination.  Large boulders hide just under the water, visible only to those determined enough to find them; scrabbling onto these rocks is a difficult and dangerous proposition, made worse by the fact that they've clearly been in some way enchanted - just looking at them inspires fear, and setting foot to stone enough to make many a grown wizard cry.  It's an effect that could probably be Negated without too much difficulty, but no one ever seems inclined to do it - instead, the preferred approach among the students in the know involves challenging the dread.


Dare the Smugglers' Bridge (Active)[]

If you're confident in your Willpower, you can take a few steps out onto the Smugglers' Bridge across the Ardica Canal and see how you last against the enchantments meant to send you screaming off into the distance. With properly heroic resolve, (Insight/Courage Roll v. 6), you'll last long enough to gain a Skill Step in both Willpower and Concentration; stick it out with superhuman grit (Insight/Courage Roll v. 11), and you'll gain two more steps in Willpower. Be warned, though - just looking at the bridge will Expand your Stress by a point, and the longer you last the more Stressed you'll be!

Unlocked by[]