Academagia Wiki


Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

On the banks of the Ardica River, there's a place where the sand Is just right for the making of castles. Some students use magic, some don't; this is one of the rare places on the school grounds (more or less) where no one will fault you for experimenting in your approach.


Build a Sandcastle (Active)[]

You can build your own sandcastle on the banks of the Ardica, gaining 1 Step each to Revision Methods and Planning. A truly magnificent effort (involving clearing a Finesse/Creativity Roll v. 21) will make you feel like you're Soaring among the Towers, Increasing your Passion, Art Appreciation, and Revision Skills by 1 point each until Stress (4 or greater) drags your back to the ground.

Play Among the Sandcastles (Active)[]

When your schedule permits, you can play among the sandcastles on the banks of the Ardica, gaining 1 Step to Creativity and Art Appreciation, and shedding 2 points of Stress. The only downside is that it can be terribly hard to drag yourself back to Class when you're done.

Unlocked by:[]