Region: Academagia Grounds

Chance of Discovery: 2


Build a Sandcastle (Active)

You can build your own sandcastle on the banks of the Ardica, gaining 1 Step each to Revision Methods and Planning. A truly magnificent effort (involving clearing a Finesse/Creativity Roll v. 21) will make you feel like you're Soaring among the Towers, Increasing your Passion, Art Appreciation, and Revision Skills by 1 point each until Stress (4 or greater) drags your back to the ground.

Play Among the Sandcastles (Active)

When your schedule permits, you can play among the sandcastles on the banks of the Ardica, gaining 1 Step to Creativity and Art Appreciation, and shedding 2 points of Stress. The only downside is that it can be terribly hard to drag yourself back to Class when you're done.

Unlocked by:

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