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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

The Aultrine Order is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the giant wall in the east, originally raised up by the new god Octavius to preserve humanity against the dragons.

The Wall's not much more than a monument today, but the Aultrines remain loyal to their duty - and to be effective at it, they maintain systems of blindingly fast transportation. The ancient Red Ships are the most famous such systems, but there are Red Carriages as well, used to transport building materials and important talents from one end of Elumia to the other in a matter of hours.

This Waystation is a stopping point on a Red Carriage route: before that, it was an Imperlal Road Post. It's clean and comfortable and amazingly well built.


Work as a Red Carriage Messenger (Active)[]

Visitors to the Aultrine Waystation can volunteer to serve as messengers on the Red Carriages, gaining 25 pims and 1 Step Expansions to Navigation and Drive Carriage per ride. Unfortunately, speed on these trips is of the essence, and there's no real time to gain Information on the places where you stop.

Unlocked by[]