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This is a series of lores found in the game.

Auncesay's The Challenge[]

Part I

"Ecthian had travelled a long way to participate in The Challenge. He arrived late and exhausted, but made no excuses. He was there to compete, and he would let neither injury nor fatigue keep him from participating and winning."

Part II

"Occia charged toward the line. Her legs burned. Her chest burned. In the periphery of her vision, she could see the girl from Lunn keeping pace with her. She could hear someone else breathing hard right behind her.

Occia wanted to quit. The finish line seemed so far away. She knew Ursus was out there somewhere in the crowd, cheering her on. Although she couldn’t see him, knowing he was there was enough to keep her running."

Part III

"Ecthian was not terribly familiar with jousting. He had never had occasion to charge at a dragon or a giant or even another man on a horse holding a long lance. He would far rather let loose an arrow or throw a spear or get in close with a sword.

But today was not about killing his opponent. This day he would don the cumbersome armor. This day he would wield the ungainly lance. He was here to compete, to win."

Part IV

"Mandon and Urstus grappled in the center of the ring. Sweat pouring from their brows, the competitors pushed and pulled and strained. Despite the tremendous effort put forth by both men, little activity was visible from the stands. From a distance, it appeared as if the two enormous warriors were simply standing still."

Part V

"Exhausted and trembling, Mandon sat on the ground breathing in great jagged gasps.

“If you cannot go on,” Ecthian said quietly, “no one will think little of you. You have competed valiantly. You bested the giant Urstus, but not without a toll.”

“My prince,” replied simple Mandon without looking up. “I came here to bring you honor - for you, for your crown. I will enter the shalting competition. I will win the shalting competition.”

Part VI

"Ecthian took the bow and launched three arrows in rapid succession. Two hit the inner ring, the third embedded into the second circle of the target.

“An excellent showing,” crowed Tulgoh. “Equal to a small Amoite child, but excellent for a prince from a more… dainty kingdom.”

Ecthian held his breath. He struggled to turn Tulgoh’s boasting into fuel to compete all the more. There were six shots left and Ecthian was not far behind the arrogant Amoite."

Part VII

"Triumvir Lutulus stood approached Ursus in his tent between vaults. Lutulus, athletic in his youth, expressed his wish to be able to compete in The Challenge. He saw in the younger man a glimpse of his younger self, and wished to urge him on in person. It is said that the Emperor told the young athlete that the desire to compete underpins of all manner of excellence."


"Ursus ran hard. His legs were like jelly underneath him, but he ran on. When he reached the end of the track, he pushed down with all that he had left and launched himself into the air. Unfortunately, he just did not have enough strength left in his legs to leap over the moat.

Ursus landed indignantly in the water, but he refused to stop. He dragged himself onto the landing island and grabbed for the silver rod."

Part IX

"Occia watched the winners on the stand. As they stood there, basking in the adulation of the crowd and the approval of the emperor, she made a silent vow. There were still three events left. She would be on that stand before the end of The Challenge."