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The Auras of Cemoros Ring increases Romance and Glamour by 1 point each

The Aura of Cemoros Ring has delighted jewelry lovers for generations. Along the silver band, a pair of tiny hedgehogs chase each other. The design is based upon the story of Linert and Risette, a pair of lovers who were cursed and forced to take the hedgehog form. They were separated and spent all of eternity to find each other while digging through the fields of Cemoros.


Aura of Cemoros (Passive)[]

Item Type[]

  • Ring
  • Durability type: Durable (5)
  • Size: 0
  • Concealability: 0
  • Worth: 675

Recipe Information[]

  • Silver Nuggets
  • Silver Nuggets
  • Silver Nuggets

Quality: 1

  • Artificing Skill: Forge
  • Finishing Skill: Art
  • Enchant Skill Glamour

Obtained by[]